Casa Anita - Our Story

Our Story

Many people ask us how we managed to get into this business? In our first newsletter we did give a thumbnail sketch of what took place to see us now ‘retiring’ to MEXICO. For those of you who are curious here it is again. Once upon a time…. there were two young people very much in love in the best city to do that in, MONTREAL. They were newly-wed in July of 1966 and were planning to launch a new company on the coattails of EXPO 1967.

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Our Milestones

We bought the property in 1970 and slowly built Casa Anita into the beautiful hotel it is today. After a number of years we purchased Corona del Mar, right beside Casa Anita, and developed that property as well. Forty-eight years later we are still the owner operators of HOTEL CASA ANITA /CORONA del MAR, with daughter SONIA, now General Manager.


Cocktail days


Pools + 1 Private Pool




3 Bedroom Penthouse

Our Hotel Amenities

Free parking
3 swimming pools
3 common BBQ grills
A balcony overlooking the ocean
(except Corona 4)
Coin Operated Laundry
A well equipped kitchen
3 patios with view of the bay
A telephone for local and long distance calls
Cable TV
Daily maid service (except holidays)
Lockbox for valuables (Bring your own lock)
Casa Anita and Corona del Mar do not have an elevator

What Clients Say