Clothing is certainly not a problem as the sun shines every day. Therefore shorts and tee-shirt tops are the order of the day. At night slacks and open shirts or blouses are comfortable with or without socks for the men and a dress perhaps for the ladies.

Comfortable shoes are a must as the cobblestones are pretty but murder on high heels. A light sweater for the outdoor restaurants especially Le Bistro or Mister Pepe’s in December to March. All restaurants in the valley are excellent places to experience the famous ‘adiabatic’ effect. If you were disappointed in the Bay of Fundy’s Reversing Falls or the Moncton ‘BORE’, try this.

Take shorts and two bathing suits and plenty of suntan oil, although this is available in Vallarta, it is more expensive to buy down here. Actually now that we have a WALMART that is another myth. For footgear, get something with open toes. The famous huaraches made with leather and soled with truck tires are great once you break them in. I frankly have adopted the rubber thongs and although workmen’s comp would have a fit, it’s de rigueur amongst the workers on construction, believe it or not.

Don’t over pack like most people. Remember you may very well spend most of  your time in a bathing suit so this gives you ‘more stays of clothing’. Also we have a coin operated washer and dryer on the premises.

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