In the last few years this business with “duty free” has de-generated to being a deal on cigarettes and booze and perfume. Certainly on imported booze the duty free shop visit on the way in is a good idea.

This applies especially to scotch boubon or rye drinkers, as imported liquor is very dear indeed. However for scotch[BS1] drinkers, try a make of rum, yes, I said rum, it’s called “RON CASTILLO” and it is amber and distilled in a different manner which frankly is appealing to both rye and scotch drinkers, even bourbon drinkers don’t find it offensive. It’s a great alternative and it’s what I bring North now, as I’ve grown fond of it. Unfortunately, I heard in March 87 that the company had gone bankrupt (God knows how a booze company can do that) and that supplies were diminishing rapidly. Many of my friends were wearing black arm bands as a result! The truth of this is that they had a warehouse fire which put pressure on stocks and because it is aged it took up to 1991 to recover. Nevertheless they sold the company to interests in NICARAGUA and although thankfully, things are back to normal many of the old crowd claim it’s not as good as the earlier blend. Could be as there is no other explanation as to it being cheaper now even thought it’s imported. Most good well-stocked bars will have it, as will most liquor stores with a decent selection. It’s sells for about six bucks a litre.

Back to duty free…The Duty Free Shop sells ANAIS ANAIS and other perfumes cheaper (after conversion) than any shop I’ve run into and in fact only just beats London Drugs when XMAS specials are in effect (in other words the free goods calculated). Buy cigarettes if you’re still addicted to that filthy habit and a bottle of scotch on the way down and find some Castillo rum when you run out. On the way home buy your KAHLUA in a downtown store and pack it properly in your suitcase. The difference, if any, in lugging a “hand carry” with a pair of crocks in it, ain’t worth the difference.

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