Movies/ Puerto Vallarta Movie Theaters

There are now six movie theatres around town. Cine Bahia is the closest to Casa Anita on Insurgentes. Near Villa Sonia, there is Cine Luz Maria which is down on Mexico Ave. a few blocks from the gas station. The closest modern movie theater is Cine Versalles on Fransisco Villa. It has five theaters, a snack bar and a café. A Cineplex has opened with even more ‘salas’ at the new Soriana Shopping center near Pittiall. They also boast a new Burger King and KFC so you can do dinner and a movie. In the Plaza Caracol Shopping center near the HOTEL ZONE they also have a multi-salon movie theatre.

Most movies are in English with Spanish sub-titles, inquire first, it’s indicated. Cartoons or kids movies are usually translated and shown in Spanish. All the theaters change movie selection on Fridays. You can find the listings on the internet or the local newspaper. All the big films eventually[BS1] get here right after release. Titanic was here simultaneously with the release in the States.

For live theatre goers there is the Santa Barbara Theatre on OLAS ALTAS just down towards the beach from Casa Anita. Local artists do a great job of re-enacting even some of the Broadway shows. Limited seating and sellouts are common. Inquire on line or at the front desk. A good friend from Victoria BC is a regular contributor.

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