There is a clock radio in each apartment. If it is not there ask the maid for it. Vallarta has several AM stations and now five FM stations, which go off the air late at night. One is a Mexican type CBC and is supported by the State Government and is a cultural station. It has a very good sound and little advertising and it’s a delight to listen to {104.3 mhz}which is university radio. From Classical to Jazz depending on the time of day it provides elevator music in the absence of an elevator!

Tapes and CDs are inexpensive compared to back home and you may do well to look into purchasing these as gifts. The quality usually is as good, as many of the companies are the very same ones. In the markets however there are illegal copies which can be so so.

Live music is featured in many of the local eateries and watering holes. Check the newspaper for details as to hours and days playing. One great recent discovery is a new bar on Los Muertos Beach called Canto del Sol and daily from 1600-2000+ (4pm – 8pm+) a fellow by the quaint name of JUAN belts out all the Fernandez songs just like Alejandro the son. He also does a fine rendition of Juan Gabriel. This is a ‘must go’ place. It’s new and small and they also serve food and dynamite margaritas. It’s between Daquiri Dicks and Burros Bar right on the beach.

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