Puerto Vallarta Doctors

Male (Spanish Speaking only) is Dr. Efren CALDERON. tel. 222-0933 or 222-1859. (He was a little hard to get for a while as he was the MAYOR of Puerto Vallarta). To be sure he’s hard to get again as he is retired and not in good health presently. However his first son is a doctor and does all our paperwork for people wanting to get married. He speaks good English (his name is EFREN Jr.) plus he has two very effective fishing boats which we book frequently.

Female is Dr. Irma Gittleson (English speaking) her clinic number is 222-1252 and residence is 222-1329. She actually lives almost across the street. Either of them can be contacted through the ASSOCIATION of VALLARTA DOCTORS at 222-8889 or 222-1645. If you need a doctor let us know and we’ll make things happen.

There are TWO excellent hospitals 500 meters down the hill from CASA ANITA which can handle any emergency. They are MEDASIST and the CMQ which also has a 24 pharmacy adjacent to it.

Emergency numbers appear herein and several business cards are located on the corkboard near the black board adjacent to the office. Many drugs which require a prescription here are sold across the counter for little money. If you are on daily medication you might check this out. The general advice of most physicians I have spoken with, shun the practice of ingesting drugs in anticipation of would be ills.

Montezuma has got over his revenge and is now in partnership with CORONA selling beer. The stories of “yester-year” live on[BS1] , unfortunately, but the new truth is that only a few, and the deserving, get sick nowadays in modern Mexico. For the ones who still fear getting sick, eat yogurt daily and papaya. If you feel somewhat queasy at some point, take a spoonful of Pepto Bismol every four hours till it passes. If it gets worse, see a doctor.

The myths about MEXICO like “don’t drink the water” are frankly silly. The water has been certified potable for the last thirteen years. Even the cruise ships take on water in Puerto Vallarta in deference to Los Angeles. How about that?

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