Puerto Vallarta Hotels

Using hotel facilities: the liberal policy of major hotels allowing the use of their public facilities to “outsiders” is based somewhat in the ‘Federal Zone’ law governing the public area of beaches. If the Hotels were to build a gate they would have to build it quite a bit further back than what they purport to ‘own’ but the trade-off is the public area becomes just that. No one abuses this and the hotels seem content to sell a sandwich or drink or two. If you patronize them via some purchases and a decent tip no one will ever bother you when you use their bathrooms, pools etc. At peak times however chairs become scarce and it’s normal that they try to serve their guests first.

Many restaurants in the major HOTELS are on our recommended list. Certainly some of the swim up bars and large pools are an attraction to contrast to your “Mexican immersion”. At least one afternoon spent this way is a way of deciding which style you enjoy the most for next time. Let’s face it, these HOTELS aren’t ugly, in fact they are rather nice. The thing is they are what you already know. They’re the same as back home and on vacation it’s neat to experience new things and revel in the changes, which allow you to resume the humdrum of daily life once again, once refreshed. That’s as close to the definition of what a vacation is as this writer can get.

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