Puerto Vallarta Neighborhoods (Colonias & Zonas)

CASA ANITA/ CORONA DEL MAR is located on the Gold Coast in what is now called Zona Romantica and this of course is the glitzy part of town. Extra care in securing doors should be exercised here. Consider if you were a cat burglar it follows you’d concentrate on the posh areas as the incidence of more goodies per household is more likely. Likewise however are the risks as constant vigilance by the local police is prevalent.

Location is everything and CASA ANITA /Corona del MAR takes a back seat to NO ONE. The local area called Las AMAPAS where Los MUERTOS BEACH is where CASA ANITA is perched 600 meters above the center of the beach. Los Muertos beach is the most popular beach in the entire Bahia de Banderas. It is frankly the Wakiki or Impanena beach of VALLARTA. Our view overlooks both the town proper and the ocean. Two hundred meters further south and you have just the ocean to view. At night the ocean is nothing but a black hole, consider that if you are one of those purists who insist on being ON THE BEACH. Click Here for the panoramic view during the daytime and evening.

The town is divided in colonias which are like wards or bouroughs or districts. Across the road from CASA ANITA is called Col. Emiliano Zapata which encompasses all the area south of the Cuale river and a little south of us. Within that is the area called Las AMAPAS which is the crème de la crème. Further south with the black hole nighttime view is Conchas Chinas which is ritzier still with expensive villas perched on the hill but then they are not walking distance to town nor do they see the town’s twinkling lights at night.

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