Puerto Vallarta Newspapers/News

puerto-vallarta-newspapers-150-114There is an English language national newspaper called THE NEWS which is a tabloid giving world and local (Mexico) news. It’s available in book and magazine stores pharmacies etc. VALLARTA TODAY is a local daily, which is in English, and although not as thick as the Mexican version VALLARTA OPINA it carries local ads, etc. Both of these papers can be found in Hotel lobbies and even at CASA ANITA when the delivery guy makes it. We make them available to guests at the office. Vallarta TODAY is a great source of what’s on in the particular week that you are there. Another rotogravure tabloid is the TRIBUNE which has a wealth of tourist info therein including a full page in Duetsch and Français. This one is a weekly and comes out on MONDAY. Take note and read to find out if the mariachis are playing this night/week at your favorite place. Info on Rotary meetings time and place, and everything us residents have been asked is answered in one or both of these local papers. Another one bi-lingual (lets you learn Spanish as you educate yourself in world and local events) is called AMBITO harder to find but worthwhile. It’s a weekly also.

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