Puerto Vallarta Public Transportation

Puerto Vallarta has one form of public transportation; the big city buses. Using the bus service is very economical, five pesos at last look and they offer the tourist the chance to go native. The city buses stop every couple of blocks in the city proper and in front of every major hotel going north towards the airport.

The official “stops” are marked by a blue and white sign picturing a bus. There are more unofficial stops than those indicated so just put up your hand when you see a bus you want to get on. Wait at the stop and raise your finger if you see the bus you want.

The destination of the bus is posted clearly on the windshield (usually) of the vehicle. There are green and white and blue and white urban buses. The blue nd whites go via the tunnel, the greens go through the down town. Both end up on the south end just down from Casa Anita near Sr. Frogs. To return, get on any one heading towards town as they all eventually go through the downtown area. To go to Mismaloya Beach where they made the movie that started it all, board a “Mismaloya/Boca de Tomatlan” bus. It’s more money but the ride is ten miles passing along the beautiful COSTA DE ORO, passing CASA ANITA. You may be able to get him to stop in front of CASA ANITA going south but to be sure (it’s usually very crowded) go to the terminus down on Basilio Badillo.

If you do try to intercept the bus going south, walk either south to the next pull out zone or north to the corner for the same reason. He won’t stop for you and risk holding up a taxi or getting rear-ended. On the way back however if you can correspond with him, he will stop in the parking lot of Casa Anita, as usually there is room to pull over.

If this is too intimidating use the same finger in the air (no not the middle on) for a yellow cab, but negotiate the tariff as you get in.

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