Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Mex-Dev is both a development company and builder/contractors, (in house only) but not realtors. We can assist you in recommending reputable Builders or Realtors if you are desirous of buying or building in paradise. Shortly, we hope to develop a property in neighbouring Nayarit which is on the water. We contemplate building 8 high end semi attached units (four modules of two) which we too will be offering for full time ownership. Obviously then, we will be working exclusively for ourselves. Keep an eye on our newsletter for further details.

Mr. Robert BERTRAND of Coldwell Banker, just down the hill from Casa Anita is well informed and is the fifth leading realtor in sales in Vallarta. He has many listings including one which had been advertised recently in Forbes Magazine for $950,000.00 U.S. If that is more than you want to pay consider renting it for a day at $1550.00 U.S.! I’m not kidding there are several Villas for rent in this price range, one I know of that is $1000.00 per day (tips included). With regard to sales, we don’t solicit rental guests. If you’re interested, ask. You can contact Robert directly atrbertrand@cblacosta.com.

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