Taxis in Puerto Vallarta

It is very difficult to determine the tariff for trips from one place to another as inflation is so rapid, what with gas having climbed 850% in one year, and cars about half of that. I believe the drivers themselves don’t know what to charge rather than them wanting to “have you on” sometimes. Therefore consider what the equivalent is in Canadian money before you start arguing that the last fellow only charged you 80% of what this fellow may be asking.

The residents of Casa SONIA and BUNGEE should carry the map with them and make sure the driver is willing to take you all the way to the site before embarking. (Then offer another two or three pesos “to go all the way”– $0.50 cents is cheap, after you see the hill, especially at the SONIA side). Indicate the two approaches if you can, as that may influence him. There is actually a third choice now straight up Panama street. After building the upper part of Panama ourselves, without any financial help, we were nevertheless asked to kick in on a co-op to finish the lower half which is now completed but is impassable when wet, as it is so steep.

The city has now paved with cobblestones almost all of the streets of Vallarta and now you can even get up to the Sonia property in all seasons, well, most of the time. Frankly, although they are no longer expensive, the frustration of haggling with cab drivers sheds new light on renting a car, especially at CASA SONIA. Actually our long term tariff exclusive to the SONIA side was tempered to allow tenants to afford a vehicle. You may pool between neighbours to save. (The day you go fishing or on the SEA MI AMOR they have the car and so on).

Use the blackboard to advertise your mutual wants. There is a blackboard at the Sonia side but not all the amenities that one enjoys at CASA ANITA such as laundry, daily maid service, etc. to name but a couple.

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