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Puerto Vallarta Wedding Package

The choices are endless when you book your Puerto Vallarta Wedding Package at Casa Anita & Corona del Mar. We can help you plan a simple romantic dinner for two or a fancy party with all your friends. Having someone with experience in Puerto Vallarta weddings will make planning so easy for you! I will take care of all your wedding arrangements on a personal level and make sure that all your requests are taken care of.

We have been doing weddings at CASA ANITA for over 30 years. 


  • Providing a list of documents required
  • Personal service to organize all the wedding details
  • Co-ordination of the judge, date and time of wedding
  • Making the appointment at the D.I.F. for the mandatory group meeting (cost of the meeting included)
  • Reviewing of all documents and translations
  • Making the Dr. appointment for blood tests (test fees not included)
  • Presenting all the necessary documents to the Registro Civil (marriage license fee, judge fee and judge transportation fees included)
  • Getting the necessary documents translated by an authorized translator (cost of translations not included in our price – about $40 usd per page)
  • Arranging flower bouquet for the bride
  • Providing 2 bottles of cold “Chambrule” champagne served in fancy glasses
  • Decorating the patio or location of wedding (unless wedding ceremony is at another hotel)
  • Locating witnesses if you don’t have any (2 required)
  • Providing you with wedding ropes (souvenir of the wedding – a mexican tradition)
  • Offering of an upgrade to penthouse if not occupied

PRICE: $3,000 USD Price does not include accommodation. This price is subject to change without notice and can vary with costs of translations and validations.

And here’s the good news!… Invite as many guests as you can as this will reflect a big saving to YOU, the couple of honor. For every 5 room nights that your guests stay, we will reduce the wedding package price by $100. Get 20 guests to stay a week and your wedding package will be free!

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Package

  • Other services available at an extra cost:
  • photographer (still pictures, video or DVD)
  • flowers
  • music (live or DJ)
  • transportation
  • cake
  • catered food
  • drinks
  • accommodation
  • souveniers

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