What To Bring

Towels (the Innkeepers – nemesis) We suggest you bring beach towels as we don’t furnish large ones and request that you don’t remove our towels from the premises. The maids are responsible for losses so please make sure they all come home. Lost towels, if reported will be charged to you and they are very costly once positioned in Mexico after embroidering in CANADA and considering transportation there etc. If it goes unnoticed, your maid will be charged and even with a tip your stay may end up a net loss to her, so please be considerate in this matter.

Next year’s tariff is based on this year’s expenses. Also the sand that collects in towels that find their way to the beach finds its way into our washing machines which cost a fortune in Mexico. Indeed for the price of one machine, either a washer or dryer, you could buy the pair up North. Please be considerate in this regard.

Other things you may consider bringing are a small disk player for music. We do have clock radios in all of the suites and some of the higher end units have disk players but only a few. A padlock for the built in safe is a must. We do supply them for a small fee but bring your own and then only you have the key.

The tropical sun especially below the Tropic of Cancer (we’re at 20 degrees; two degrees south of the Tropic of Cancer, that is located just north of Mazatlan) is very intense so effective if not good looking head gear is in order. Sunglasses of course. Another item you might consider is a fishing rod for some surf casting down at the beach in the early morning or late evening. Bicycles surf boards even motorcycles can all be rented so don’t bring these items unless you are a fanatic. Good shoes are a must however as you’ll find that Puerto Vallarta is a very interesting walking town.

The most important thing to bring with you is a good attitude and an open mind to the ways of others. If you continually compare things here to what you have come to expect at home you may have a miserable time. On the contrary if you delve into the culture and ways of the MEXICAN people you will discover much more than Tequila and come away with fond memories. Buen Viaje!

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