Roman Catholics have many choices, including the unique copper crowned ‘Iglesia’, (restored partially due to the earthquake) located in the very center of town with the clock that now works after many years, thanks to two young Langley boys. It was a news story in Vancouver some five to eight years ago. The church is named after the Virgin of Guadalupe, and is a Cathedral actually. It is located on Hildalgo Street and is the focal point of the town/city.

The next largest is on the extension of Morelos near Park Hildalgo and is called Nuestra Senora del Refugio. Baptists can find their place of worship one block away from this Catholic Church. Protestants have to search a little more. The Iglesia Cristiana Antioquia is situated at 52 Berlin Street. For information on their services call 222-2464. Actually the Baptist Church is denominated multi-faith and services are in English and everyone is welcome.

Many other faiths are represented and their times and places of worship can be found by asking at the Tourist office located in the southeast corner of the Municipal Hall, which is one block west of the Iglesia in the town centre. Quickly, you too will be using these buildings as a reference point. Such and such is one block up and over from such and such. Street names are used but this works better.

There are temples for Judism, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, and right next door to Corona del Mar is the Luz del Mundo. Ask at the desk and we’ll find you a place of worship. Several large hotels have services some in English which allows you to worship and enjoy the brunch simultaneously. For more detail try this URL. http://mx.vallartaonline.com/information/infArticles/iglesias/

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